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Theme Music from NFL Primetime Highlights

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From: Schuyler Entered: 4/3/2002 1:03:02 AM
Subject: Theme Music from NFL Primetime Highlights

Can anyone help me locate the theme music from the Highlights of NFL Primetime. I've gone so far as to email ESPN themselves but the most they've told me is they are stock clips and not available to the general public. Can someone please help me locate these songs?

From: mike Entered: 6/18/2002 11:45:06 AM
Subject: espn primetime songs

I would really like to hear if you ever found the primetime songs?....... if you did i would be very happy if you could email me with the info to get them. I run a fantasty football league and would like them for the draft..

thanks again


From: Anonymous Entered: 7/7/2002 9:06:30 PM
Subject: NFL Primetime music

I would like to know where to locate the music that is played during NFL Primetime football highlights. An email sent to me stating where to locate the songs or what the name of any of the songs are would be greatly appreciated.

From: VIDMAN Entered: 9/1/2002 5:15:37 PM
Subject: NFL Primetime Music? Where is it?

For several years, I also been looking for NFL Primetime Highlight music. Those themes are the best! If anyone knows where I can buy or download, please e-mail to me. I'll be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

From: Steve Mathie Entered: 10/21/2002 4:10:31 PM
Subject: NFL Primetime Music

Can someone please tell me how to get the music that is played during the NFL Primetime highlights, this would be greatly appreciated I have been lookin for seriously 5 years. Thank you.

From: Jason Entered: 10/21/2002 10:32:33 PM
Subject: nfl primetime music

If anyone can locate the music used for espn nfl primetime, please send me an email at Thanks

From: Jenna Entered: 11/3/2002 6:58:51 PM
Subject: NFL Primetime Themes!

Man, and I thought I was the only one looking for these themes, LOL. I've looked everywhere for as long as I remember to find these... KaZaa, Napster (R.I.P.), Scour.... everything. ESPN should put these out on a CD! If anyone does know WHERE you can get these themes, it would be GREATLY appriciated!

From: Scott Entered: 11/4/2002 10:16:16 AM
Subject: NFL Primetime Theme

I agree with all of those posts...if anyone can find out where to get those themes, please toss me an E-mail. Thanks! :-)

From: Joe Entered: 11/5/2002 12:20:07 AM
Subject: NFL Films music

I just found out that a company called APM (Associated Production Music) has nine CDs of NFL Films music. Unfortunately, the music is "not sold commercially and is only available for production use." Check out their website at I wouldn't be surprised if they also provided ESPN the music for their football highlights. If anyone finds out anything else, let us know. Thanks.

From: Nancy Entered: 11/5/2002 6:30:58 AM
Subject: NFL Theme Somgs

This last week-end on ESPN 1 or ESPN2, there was a video about these songs and a German man, named Sam (I didn't get the last name) wrote all or most of these songs. Then, a man came on talking about playing each of the songs and how much he enjoyed them. It caused me to want a CD to listen. I don't know how to backtrack and get that info. Maybe someone who does, can get the information and post of this board.

From: Lou Entered: 11/5/2002 2:35:59 PM
Subject: Has anoyone got any more info?

Any new info?

From: Lou Entered: 11/5/2002 2:45:18 PM
Subject: GO HERE u can find the tv listing here go see if u can find the name of the guy here

From: Tony Entered: 11/5/2002 11:28:06 PM
Subject: Primetime music

I have been looking for the songs for the longest time. There has to be a way to figure out who wrote them. Anyone having any luck?

From: Adam Entered: 11/11/2002 7:22:26 PM
Subject: His name is Sam Spence

The guy's name is Sam Spence, I just found that out, but yeah, that music from PrimeTime is cool.. if I get some information, I'll be sure to post it.

From: Keith Cerniglia Entered: 11/13/2002 9:45:49 AM
Subject: primetime music

There's got to be a way to purchase or find this music. I have seriously been looking for about 10 years. I'm more interested in the vintage Primetime music from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Please e-mail me with any information.

From: Pigrat Entered: 11/17/2002 7:53:43 PM
Subject: Nfl Primetime Music

Ya that NflPrimeTime music is pretty cool, but when I was looking over the message board I saw the name Sam Spence and Downloaded some of his songs, there not from nfl prime time but I think from the HBO football show, and they sound real good.

From: Anonymous Entered: 11/20/2002 6:49:52 AM
Subject: 90's NFL Primetime Theme

I found the old NFL primetime theme at this website:
I haven't found any others though.

From: Steven Entered: 11/22/2002 9:27:11 PM
Subject: NFL Primetime Music

Could someone tell me how to get the songs played in NFL Primetime? I would very much appreciate it.

From: Anonymous Entered: 11/28/2002 12:10:34 AM
Subject: Need primetime music

Find out how to get it....ive been waiting too long...somebody

From: Bill Entered: 11/30/2002 10:05:39 AM
Subject: Plea to ESPN

Obviously there is a demand for these NFL PrimeTime songs. ESPN should come through and make them available. I remember the old Sunday Night Football, National Hockey Night, and NHL2Night themes all being available on back in the 90s. I'd say its time to put the PrimeTime music up as well.

From: Biggie Entered: 11/30/2002 3:36:43 PM
Subject: NFL Primetime Theme

If any one knows what the name of the song they use in the NFL Primetime promos on TV and Radio with the siren sound, they play it at a bunch of games also let me know.

From: Anonymous Entered: 12/1/2002 7:02:26 PM
Subject: I want the primetime music

This is crap ESPN needs to tell us the music I love the music I want to listen to the music not only on sundays during the nfl season well gotta go back and watch primetime

From: Anonymous Entered: 12/2/2002 3:16:58 PM
Subject: Long Shot

I made it home *just* in time to record the opening song from primetime(12/1). That is the best one in my opinion(packers/bears highlight). So the quality is ok, and i didnt have enough time to figure out how to work the sound recorder in windows, so it didnt get the whole song. Could we start recording these things and somehow strip out the voices? I'm pretty sure you can't take the voices away, but if anyone has an idea, we should try it out. If ESPN wont give it to us, we gotta make with what is available.

From: Anonymous Entered: 12/3/2002 4:14:19 PM
Subject: Possible Composer

I just did a google search, and came up with this dude named John Colby. Apparently he has made a lot of music, including songs for NFL Primetime. Check this out, hopefully this gets us started on the right track:

Look at the credits link. Crappy webpage, but still.

From: Matt Entered: 12/3/2002 7:45:47 PM
Subject: NFL Primetime music

I have always loved the primetime music. I'm glad to see that other people are looking for it too. If anyone finds any, please send me an email. If you are looking for good music like this, there is a CD called The Power and the Glory. It is an NFL Films CD, and all of the music is written by Sam Spence. I just love watching NFL Primetime and NFL Films, and the music that is put to the highlights makes it so much more emotional. I love it!

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