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Phrase Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk!
Anchor Craig Kilborn
Reference Shaq in a Reebok commercial 
Sport Basketball

How Is It Used?
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This is a phrase used more to indicate when one has NOT faked the funk on a nasty dunk. E.g. when someone goes up and makes a nasty dunk on which the funk has clearly not been faked. It would be harder to imagine how exactly one would go about faking the funk on a nasty dunk even if one should want to do so.
The way you worded that was weird, but I can't do any better.
We might further ask, "if the dunk is indeed nasty, how then can the funk have been faked?" It's a paradox, an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms!
I agree with the above posters. It's patently impossible to fake the funk on a nasty dunk. A crappy dunk, maybe. But if the dunk is nasty, then the funk is R-E-A-L. Admittedly, "Don't fake the funk on a crappy dunk" isn't nearly so catchy.
Homsar from H* quoutes Shaq in an email. It must be an oxymoron.
This one is from Shaq's first commercial when he got to the NBA. It was a Reebok commercial. Everybody was calling him the next great center, and Reebok played on that, showing Shaq appear at like a private gym or something... He's asked what the password is and says, "Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk." He's then allowed into a gym with Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Jabbar. They toss Shaq a ball and say, "show us," and he runs up to a basket, dunking the ball and tearing down the rim.
This goes way back before Shaq, though he got the phrase back in action. Darryl Dawkins used to say it a loooooong time ago.
on a linguistic note, an oxymoron is rarely synonamous with a paradox. An oxymoron, by defiition, pairs two contradictory terms (usually only two words, such as "jumbo-shrimp" or "deafening silence," makng an interesting play on words, which actually make no logical sense). However, in the case of a paradox, it is possible for the phrase to be sound, logically, while appearing to go against conventional wisdom (making the seemng contradiction)- not necessarily making the statement false. Such a case would be found in the plossible statement: it is more tiring to stand than to walk. In Shaq's instance, if we agree that it is impossible to "fake the funk" on a dunk that is also agreeably nasty, then we agree that a "nasty dunk" is synonamous with a "funky dunk," therefore making it impossible to fake the synomous element of either "funk" or "nastiness" once one is performed. Therefore it must be concluded that Shaq has made another drunkenly bizzarre bloviation that has reduced all our IQ's in discourse about it, and yet we must still deal with it as it shapes culture and verbage. However, to digress, I might not agree withthe above posters in that a certain degree of nastiness carries with it a certain and appropriate degree on funk. To exaggerate any more funk (such as doing a pull up on the rim or thrash wildly in excess needed for the original nastiness) might be faking a higher degree of funk than the dunk itself warrants, thus cheapening the natural prowess. Maybe Shaq didn't intend it this way, but at least now we escape the debate over contradiction if we see the statement as an admonishment to let the dunk stand for itself. As for the post on Dawkins, my search was negative. Earliest usage I have found is Shaq in his first Reebok commercial after his 1992-93 rookie of the year season. comments welcome. i now ust believe that i have no life.
Actually, Homsar didn't say it... Strong Bad said it while doing an impression of Homsar.
Are we talking about a time when nasty was a bad adjective to have modifying the status of your dunk? Or has the nastiness of one's dunk always been an admirable goal? If nasty is undesirable, then the phrase clearly means you should not fake the funk if you have just made an average, perhaps slightly malodorous, dunk. If nasty is something to strive for, then it is saying one shouldn't force the funk of any particular dunk and let the funk stand on its own merits.
It's obvious what the phrase means: not all dunks look good. If yours doesn't, don't act like a badass when you come down off the rim - cause you ain't got the FUNK, and funk is a good thing to have.
Nasty, in this context, is a bad adjective... it's the only way it would make sense.
Yo, you boys need some old schoolin' going on, back in my days in the NBA, dunks weren't "nasty", thats come about from you whippersnappers, back then, "nasty" meant what "fugly" means now...
In the context of dunking, "fake", as an adjective qualifying the noun (the dunk), is singularly void. The mere fact that the dunk has occured logically implies that there must have been some funk associated with it on the part of the dunker. The impetus behind the original dunk performed by Dr. Nai Smith was to add a certain element of funkiness to an otherwise banal sport. The only real way to ascertain the level of funk on a particular dunk is to poll the dunkee, for it is the only one that can provide this info since the rest of us are merely outside observers. Alas, the dunkee is only an inanimate object thus leaving us in the lurch. The jury is out on this one.
I dont think that anyone has denied that all dunks have a certain degree of funk inherent in them. I think one thing that needs to be established is a situtation in which "funk" could be "faked". As it is, I cant think of one instance in which you COULD fake funk.
I think this is being read into a bit too much. Just don't fake the funk sucka!
The phrase was said when Shaq was asked for a password. He then responded with "Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk." I remember it because I saw the commercial eons ago ^^
Funk is eminently fakeable. For example, when Steve Francis attempts a dunk and he conveys a certain level of funk, his purported style belies his true non-funkiness. O'Neal's imperative is of utmost import for young stars seeking public acclaim. That is all.
The phrase means that you shouldn't front. If your dunk was nasty, be real about it. Do not fake the funk. This applies to everything, not only dunking.
Chuck Norris CAN fake the funk on a nasty dunk.
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is quoted as saying "Fake it 'till you make it". With this being said, could you potentially fake the funk until you have the funk figured out?
Whachu you talkin bout fools? It's Janet if your Nasty. Dunkin' Donuts if your hungry. Ain't no faking about that.
definitions: funk n. A state of cowardly fright; a panic. A state of severe depression. A cowardly, fearful person. dunk v. , dunked , dunking , dunks . To plunge into liquid; immerse. With that being said, not only do I intend on faking the funk, I can't swim so I am going to fake the dunk.
Don't make the dunk when there's junk in the trunk.
Don't fake the funk, just bring the junk.
I agree with the above posters. It's patently impossible to fake the funk on a nasty dunk. A crappy dunk, maybe. But if the dunk is nasty, then the funk is R-E-A-L. Admittedly, "Don't fake the funk on a crappy dunk" isn't nearly so catchy.
i'm a million ladies tall!
Don't fake the funk
On a nasty dunk
You act like a punk
You bring bad luck
You make life suck
I dont give a f***
So shut the f*** up
Well all this is great. I have taken this quote, regardless of who originally said it, to mean more than this. I try to be a "realist" in my life, to see things how they really are and not how I want to see them. I try to see things: life, politics, religion, social issues, whatever, the way they really are and how they affect me and the world and not by how I want them to. Therefore, "Dont fake the funk on a nasty dunk".
What does "i'm a million ladies tall" mean exactly. dunkaroos used to taste pretty good, a few years ago.
When dunking there is a certain level of prestige (funk) that is attained by the person dunking. If the celebration the player puts forth is not worthy of the level of prestige earned, you are then faking the funk even if the dunk was impressive (nasty).
All of you guys sound like dictionaries. It means don't act like you didn't get dunked on when there's a nasty dunk on you. The funk is just the feeling of a nasty dunk.
Intended as an instruction to those who would attempt to perform a nasty dunk. A nasty dunk requires funk, but the necessary level of funk varies with the conditions of the dunk (e.g., timing, acoustics, etc.). If you cannot calibrate your funk correctly, Shaq warns, do not fake it. A nasty dunk is achieved through diligence.
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