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Phrase You can put it on the board...YES!
Anchor Rich Eisen
Reference White Sox announcer Ken 'Hawk' Harrelson 
Sport Baseball

How Is It Used?
Sure a phrase may "read" cool, but how is it really used? In what situation would someone yell it out? You can submit and catalog how the phrases are used along with their cultural references. The currently logged uses are listed below.
This phrase is used when a White Sox player hits a home run.
When a home run is hit.
Gas...He Gone
They Gone (Double Play)
Gaaaas....................................................He Gone!
Stretch,Stretch------->This phrase is used when a ball possibly has home run distance.
big crooked number on the board
Very repetitive and annoying.
Rack Em UP! - Used when a double play is turned.
You can cancel the post game show - used when the first hit has been registered against the opposing pitcher.
should is ----double play
Is there a way to get a sound bite of Gaaaas---he gone
a lil duck snort... used when a seeing-eye base hit barely makes it over an infielder's head and in front of the outfielders
You can put it on the board...yes -- great phrase. Holla sox fans.
He's gotta cinch it up and hunker down. This phrase is used by Hawk when a White Sox hitter is down 0-2 or 1-2 in the count.
Can of corn. -- A routine fly ball.
Right size, wrong shape. -- This describes a foul ball hit home run distance.
"He just missed that one"....describes when a White Sox hitter, usually Frank Thomas, hits a pop up (to the short outfield) that Hawk thinks just missed being a home run.
Sit back, relax, and strap it down!--Used by Hawk at the beginning of the game.
Right size, wrong shape - Hard hit foul ball
That's a cookie and he jusssst missed it
Stay Fair, Stay Fair!
We're halfway home.
"stay fair it will he looks up you can put it on the boarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss"
Stay Fair, It Will
"That's just a meat seeking missle"- when someone can't get out of the way of a pitch.
"way back, he looks up you can put it on the booaaarrrrrdddddd yyyyeeeeeeessssss!"
chopper two hopper
"Get up ball, ............ get up......... stretch you can put it on the boarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss"
He'll grab some bench
We got some email Feisty
Get back can put it on the board yes
"He has got talent"
"I love watching "____" run"
"hang wif em"
"Souvenir right side"
"he has just got a cannon"
"the score is __,__ good guys"
"well we got 3 game set coming up with the cubs...looks like its vacation time, you can put 3 w's on the board...yes."
"the sox are just tee-ing off on the over-rated cubs pitching today."
"I love e-mail"!
"I love it when you analyze"!
Hit back, way back, Sosa looks up, You can put it on the booaaarrrrdddd!!!!!! YEEEEESSS!!!!
"that's trouble....and the Twins lead it......15 to 2..."
"DJ.....I looove pudding..."
"he'll bow his neck..."
"there's a humpback line drive off the bat of El Caballo.."
" .....'s a nine-nothing ball game" - usually used when Hawk has become exasperated with a White Sox performance.
"sit back, relax, strap it down"
"Yer dad-gum right it is!" - hawk in agreement.
"get foul!!! won't"
"DJ...I hate yo gutz"
"you ever see anyone that could run like that AND throw like that....I never have" - hawk on Ichiro
"duck snort!!!"
"Get won't"
"He did"
"that's a Baltimore chop"
"that's a hang wuffum"
"we'll go to the 8th......and we got a whoooole lotta work to do"
"c'mon Timo, c'mon Timo, c'mon Timo!!!!"
White Sox 2004 playoffs "we gone"
"right side... choppa two hoppa"
"I love The Rock" - after Hawk compared Freddy Garcia's look to that of pro wrestler The Rock.
cmon timo, cmon timo, cmon timo...and the throw.... yyyyyeeeessss!
big crooked number on the board
"Go get 'em Frank!".....- after Frank Thomas got hit by pitch and didn't charge the mound after a home run was hit by the previous batter.
"I love the bunt!"
Elgin, IL........Yesssss!
"They took my money there"- referring to some PGA golf course
"I love num nums" - camera focused on a baby eatting its dinner.
Stretch, get on back there, get on back there, it will and you can put it on the boarddddd-yesssss
Hawk--"Alot of people have asked me what the difference between golf and baseball is. And I tell them. Golf is an idividual sport and baseball is a team sport." DJ says, "What about the Ryder Cup?" Hawk responds, "Well...
And Konerko is my click to pick....
"8-0 good guys. Good guys put up a snowman......I love snowmen"
This Cotts kid is a good lookin' fella.
Downtown Johnny Adkins coming into pitch
He pulls out the whooping stick
"C'mon Frank, Ball 4 - Base Hit"
"Before we show you our picks to click for tonight you at home select yours"
That ball hit hard into left center field, stretch, stretch, get on back there Ramirez looks up and you can put it on the boarddddd....yessssssss!!!!!!!!
Garland winds and delivers ... OOOOHHHHHH NOOO! Cubs lead 5-4.
"We'd like to thank our affiliates, Comcast cable down in La Porte, Indiana. La Porte, YESSSS!!!"
Frank's got a weight problem. Can't weight to hit
Magglio's on deck, and Konerko's in the hole
"Their down to their last bullet." --When a team is down to their last strike.
THERE'S THE FRISBEE! (When Shingo Takatsu throws his 56 MPH changeup)
"I got alot of my money in ______" - pick a city
"There's big Greg, one of the best you gonna find," Hawk on career .260 hitter and white sox hitting coach Greg Walker
Sacks packed with Sox
"Back when i was with the Carmines...."
"I luuuvv summer" as camera pans over hot cub fan chicks in Wrigley bleachers
Wow, the cubs are way better and more interesting than us. YESSS
Here's Jose trying to aviod the golden sombreo. Ew he misses and thats his fourth strikeout of the game.
Grab some bench!!!
Here's the 2-2 pitch. . . way high. . . no chance
"ya know DJ, I understand that most of the league does not take the cubs seriously, but this is something else...the cubs look like bush league quality today, this cubs team reminds me of that movie...a league of there own..."
Heeeeeeeeeee struck him out
PUT IT ON THE BOAAAAAARD YES!! Its a hole in one on a par five!
This ball is smacked to Wrigley, and you can PUT IT ON THE BOAAAAAARD YEEEESSSS!
Stretch....Stretch...Get back there...He looks uup...You can..put it on the board...Yessss
He's tougher than a nickel steak.
Pick to click.
Hawk has forgotten more about baseball than Peter Gammons will ever know.
You can't win your division in April but you can sure lose it in April.
In one game, Hawk came in to pinch hit in the ninth and went 0-4.
Pickett Wilson - said after a great catch
Get em on, get em over, get um in
that's a home run in an elevator shaft - said after a towering pop up to the catcher
Couldn't find the ears on it.
"There's a little duck snort over the shortstop" when someone hits a bloop single
Duck's on the pond
I love that duck!!! (Says that during the Aflac trivia question)
"You gotta ride em hard and turn em in wet" --Hawk on attacking an opposing pitcher
sacks are packed with sox (bases loaded)
Hey Wimpy(as said to Hawk's greatest sidekick Tom Paciorek)
He gone
I love email!
DJ, I love it when you analyze
He looks up, and you can put it on the board (when the opposing team jacks one)
Before we show you our picks to click, you at home select yours.
C'mom, stay fair, it will, get out of here, he goes back, way back, he looks up, you can put it on the booooaaaaaaarrd, OH NO! Not again. (When Tori Hunter robbed a HR)
Norton, you're the greatest! (Every time Greg Norton made a great play)
I love that duck
You can put it on the boarrrrd... NO.. Its off the top of the wall!!! A game last year... some Sox player barely missed hitting a home run and it went off the top of the wall, it was pretty funny hearing Hawk say, "No" instead of Yes for once.
Zone em in, reel em in, and lite her up..... hawk wanting a hit out of a white sox player
Bottom of one no score and the good guys comin' to bat!
"Line drive...get will and you can put it on the boarrrrrrd YESSSSSS!!!'
"High fly ball...can of corn...get it aaron...and the game is over..YESSS!!"
"I love that duck" (when the AFLAC duck walkks across the scene during the AFLAC trivia question)
"C'mon, stay fair, it will. Get out of here, he goes back, way back, he looks up, YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOOOOOOOOOOARD........YES!!!!!"
SIt back relax and strp it down
"Fly ball shallow left center field, Aaron's there, he makes the call and has the ball."
"High fly ball center field, Aaron's under it and when this ball comes down the winning streak will be at __. SOX WIN, YEEESSS!" (also used less dramatically for ending big innings such as an opposing rally, keeping a tie or lead in a key situation, etc)
"There's a high fly ball...Elliiiiiis Burksssssss, YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS. . . the Chicago White Sox are your 1993 American League West Champions!"
"We had a golden opportunity right there. . ."
"(silence). . . . . . YESSSSSSS!!!" -- Wilson Alvarez's no hitter
"Graaab some bench" -- the pre-he gone strikeout call
The damage has been done - when a team puts up a high number of runs in an inning
they retire the side, but not before a crooked number is on the board.
"A whole lotta 'hurt here"....usually used when the Sox are losing by a ton of runs
Rayas from the South Side...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS......but he moved so He Gone..................Hawk and DJ talking about a e-mail sent in from a ex south side fan that moved
It's deep, and it is not playable.
The Cleveland Indians versus the San Diego Fathers from the Pet Store in California.
"C'mon Paulie 1st and 3rd 'em" (said when a runner is on 1st and a base hit would advance the runner to third)
The Cubs have swept us
When a player hits a foul ball that reaches the stands "Souvenir Right side!" (or Left side) Go White Sox!
When describing a good Curveball. " Good Ol Uncle Charlie, or Got em with the Hook!
Mercy! Sit back, relax, and strap it in Gaaas... He gone! Waaay back--he looks up... You can put it on the board, YES! I luuuv e-mail Cinch 'er up and hunker down Chopper, two-hopper Stretch! I luuuv that duck Ball 4/base hit Thank-you-very-much You can cancel the post-game show Right size, wrong shape Sacks packed with Sox Dadgum right Sox put a big crooked number on the board La Grange, IL...Yes! Sox put a snowman up They're down to their last bullet I 'got a lot of my money in Scottsdale That's a home run in an elevator shaft You gotta ride 'em hard and turn 'em in wet Zone 'em in, reel 'em in, and light 'er up
Shark Cartilage!!!!! (any time Harold Baines had to run the bases in his second and third go-arounds with the sox.
The Sox hang a big crooked number on the board.
ham & jam (double play ball)
Get Legs ball!!!
The Sox have been swept.
Check out
and Joey's gonna waive Gload around, the throooowwww........................SAFE!!!!!. This ballgame is tied on Kelly Dransfeldt base hit.............YES!!!!!
And that'll get the job done!
STrtch Strech get up there it will! - - oh and a spectaular catch by prestin wilson!
sox lead it 3 to 0 and the pitch to frank.... its way back stay fair stay fair strech strech get up there it will! you can put it on the board! YEAAESSS!! Mercy!!!! and the sox lead it 4 nothing - YES!!!
sacks packed with sox
Chopper...two hopper...
"I Loooove cotton candy" - usually showing a kid in the stands eating cotton candy.
Cleveland nothing, and the good guys comming to bat!!
What?! Are you nuts! You got to be nuts!! That is total B.S.!!! - When Buhrele got tosses for hitting an Orioles batter
I really don't hate the Cubs...its their fans I can't stand
I'd rather pee on an electric fence than have to watch a cubs game
Come on Joe, one time..... described when Joe Crede needs a big hit
Give'em a thrill!...... when a walk-off homerun is possible
Hawk and DJ are country bumpkin idiots and a reason why the sox don't get their deserved national and media attention.
I live near DC, and I'm otherwise indifferent to the Whte Sox, but Harrelson and DJ make the entire organization look like a bunch of yahoos. How could this guy not have been fired 15 years ago? He's a big, embarrassing joke, and it reflects poorly on your fans.
Hawk Harrelson/DJ and John Rooney/Ed Farmer are some of the best announcing teams in MLB. Any who doubt the announcers ability, ask yourself why they have an average tenere, with the organization as annoucers, of 13.5 years?
strechy looks up.....
strechy jump...
JOE CREDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the other guys, but Ed Farmer is one of the most conceited, arrogant baseball announcers I have ever heard. He is knowledgeable, but his delivery is so condescending... And if I wanted play-by-play of the ND/Pitt game Saturday night, I would have watched it myself. Farmer spent most of the night commenting on that game while he watched it in the booth!
KONERKO DROPS THE BALL!!! DAMN!!! (hawk harrelson said after konerko dropped the relay throw in a sox/twins game this year)
"Im gonna tell you somethin right now, and mind you, many folks wont agree with this, but I'll take Joe Crede over anybody right now. Im talking A-rod, Rollin, anybody"
'Vlad Guerrero is the BEST Firstball Fastball hitter in the last 50 years, and he might be the Best EVER in Baseball History'.
'Ken Griffey may be the Best Player I have ever seen BUT WHERE ARE WE GONNA PLAY HIM?
'You know Fiesty, Juanny (Uribe) is a player that can carry a Ballclub for a month or two, with his offense'
That ball hit deep. Going back, strecth, strecth, he looks up, YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOOAAAARD, YEEEEESSSS!!
Run Timo, Run!!
'Dwight Evans was the BEST Rightfielder I've Ever SEEN! But he wasn't very good at coming in on flyballs .... he played too Deep'
'The Sox are in a very precarious circumstance in this Angel's series' ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
'We're in Trouble'
'Where was that?
'That one was on the outside edge of the outside corner.'
'Bad Guys 6 - Good Guys 0, Bottom of the 9th but we got the top of the lineup coming up. We got a chance.' ? ? ? ? ?
'Come on, Let's give 'em a Finish!'
'This one is OVA' (Win) 'This one is over' or silence (Loss)
'A J looking for it, Got it ....... Popped it up!'
'There's a Bolingbrook Hop'. ? ? ? ? ?
'The Halos come in and not playing that well, SWEEP the SOX!'
'Cmon number 33, we need you right now.' long silence.... 'Right there, as we go to the top of the 8th it's ........'
two on two out two balls two strikes
that ball hit deep stretch! get back there get back there he jumps and he makes the catch (DJ) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
there's "Dennis the Menace"---reference to George Brett
i love it when the cubs finish behind the brewers
"Theres a line shot base hit,...Timo the throw, YES!!!.Timo came up smoking and this ball game is over"
He's awesome (with "awesome" pronounced in Hawk's foghorn leghorn drawl)
He got a Bolingbrook Bounce
We're interactive tonight (referring to the fact that you can email Hawk in the booth)
"JOE CREDE JOE CREDE JOE CREDE" Crede hits a walk off
I love pink sunglasses (shows girl with sunglasses on)
He Gone...the ol' Overhanded Yellowhammer (after a strikeout pitch from hard-throwing Bobby Jenks).
That ball hit hard. Aaron, Aaron came in, now goes back, back, NO! NOOO! (describing misplay by Aaron Rowand in 9th inning of a key game vs. Cleveland).
"What a play by Pablo Ozuna.....That is a great play. That's not a good play, it's not a brilliant play, that is a great play"
C'mon Timo....C'mon Timo......C'mon Timo....C'mon's the throw......SAFE!!!! SAFE!!!!
Chicago Cubs...No
Fly ball, deep center field....(long silence, runner probably almost rounding third on his home run). 1 nothing twins... loving memory of his wife, Ursula. Referring to Alex Schnulias' donation of 100.00 for every Sox homer
The Chicago White Sox... Are your 2005... World Champions! Yeeeeeeeees!
"Bad" Bobby is coming in to nail it down for Garcia...
"Let me tell you about Man Soo Lee. That man can hit the heck outuva golf ball."
............................................................(Dead Silence)... The Sox must be losing.
Gas...He Gone
Dadgum it!
It's hilarious. It never gets old. They add humor into their broadcasting, instead of repetitively talking about BATS and SHOES like the announcers for other ballclubs like to bore you with. Ugh, and it beats listening to Joe Morgan, ANYDAY!
Cinch it up and hunker down
That was a baserunning BONER!
"You don't really see anyone being too accurate with their balls tonight."
If I had a dozen golf balls for everytime that happened....
Chopper, two hopper
The Hawk is great because you can call the game right along with him. Feels like home...
Does anyone know why Hawk calls it a "Bolingbrook Bounce?" ...your WHAT hurts?
So you can cancel the postgame show. (After a starting pitcher has thrown a few innings and finally gives up a hit.)
rrrrrroll up the rrimm to winnnnn!!
Jooooooooe *voice cracks* Creeeeeeedeeeee!
I gave the Hawk two phrases "IT'S SOCK IT THOME TIME" and "THE ANGELS WEAR THE HALOS BUT THE SOX WEAR THE CROWN"....Carl Rollberg, Calumet Park, Il
Hawk does not talk about the Cubs and why would he? I have been listing to Hawk since he hit town, after the obnoxious H. Carey thankfully went to the Cubs, and I have never heard him use the word "pee" on the air. To the Cubs fans who are submiting all of those bogus Cubs quotes, get a life and a ballclub.
go grab some wood
suck em up joe
He gone! He knew it.
There's a hammer right off the glute
ball four base hit
rack em up
"My behind was so tight you couldn't pull a greased tee from it." Hawk likes to bring up the time he hit a spring-training homer off of Bob Gibson and he uses phrases like the one above to describe how he felt in his next at-bat. He often refers to it as the "Pucker Factor." For the first ten years after he became the play-by-play man I don't think I ever heard him talk so explicitly about the human anus but over the last three or four years he seems to mention the human anus in one way or another in almost every broadcast.
BAAAAAAAAADDDDDD Bobby Jenks is coming up and We'll be back!
Typical broadcast opening: We are coming to you from U.S. Cellular Field where tonight WGN sports presents White Sox baseball. It's Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko and the Sox as they get set to butt heads with (2-3 opposing player names) and the (team name). Hi everybody and welcome, with DJ Darren Jackson, I'm Ken Harrelson as we get set to begin the second of this three game set. As you know in the opener last night.. (discusses last game and tonight's pitching matchup with DJ). Alright, sit back, relax and strap it down, White Sox baseball coming your way.
"There's a Matt Abatacola" A weak hit that gets through the infield
im not sure exactly how it goes but hawk has a thing ive heard him say a few times thats something about a bird flying up its own butt until it disappears.
When his partner says something he disagrees with: "your WHAT hurts?" 2-0 count= "sitting in the catbird seat"
Chopper two hopper, Willie sucks it up, flips it over to Big Frank, and that'll retire the side. After a half inning of baseball, bad guys 2 good guys comin to bat
Here at beautiful U.S. Cellular Field: 330 down the left field line, 335 down the right field line, 375 in the gaps and 400 straightaway center.
i love frogs that eat cheese
when someone does somethin stupid, u say this to chalk it up against them
You could have hung all the drawers in Cook county on that rope... MERCY! After a hard hit line drive.
outfield swung around to the left.....biiiiiiiiiiiiiig gap in left center
"Get the piano off you back Paulie!" Encouraging Paul Konerko to get around the bases.
That is BS. Hawk commenting on a call he doesn't agree with.
Outfield equidistant
That's a bead pitch right there.
I love this game
"That got outta here faster than Cool Papa Bell."-Hawk after a Jim Thome line drive home run.
I'm so happy
JAY MAIRIOTTI IS A HINEY BIRD (a bird that flies in perfectly executed concentric circles until it flies up his own behind and disappears forever)
i love that duck during aflac triva question
"I am so happy right now." - after a walk-off home run in '06.
get fouled... It will! Thank you very much!
And this e-mail comes from Joe in Kankakee, IL...Kankakee, IL....YEEESSSSSSS!
I'll watch me some Dora with my grandkids... after DJ talks about "Pablo'-his favorite Backyardigan
the hiney bird = jay mariotti
rack em" up Joe
Can o' corn!
Last time up, Kittle just hit a "lean-ya" to gap in left center
All he did there was just "drop the head" on that one
Vance Law just threw a seed to First Base!
You "dag gum right", I would have done the same thing...
Hello Pardssss
Your what hurts?!?!?!
George Brett.... my all-time favorite player... Denise the Menace
I remember when Ted Williams would give me hitting advice....
(in 1983 at the start of tv telecasts) Hawk: "and now to bring you the play by play of exciting chicago white sox baseball.... Double D, Don Drysdale"!
Jim Rice can hit a golfball farther than anyone else I've ever seen in my whole life!
he gets a bollingbrook bounce right there (aka a sunday hop)
So for my partner DJ Darrin Jackson, for our hall-of-fame director Jim Angio, for our producer Jon Walgren, for the mayor, "Mean" Joe Grube down there in the truck, for Deb up here in the booth, this is "The Hawk" Ken Harrelson. So long, everybody.
If I'd seen a pitcher like Santana when I was playing Hawk would take his three pitches and grab some bench.
What a sick, sick guy. - referring to Jay Mariotti
And this ball game is over!
NOW...(after contraversial home run call) You can put it on the booarrrddd Yesssssssss.
my sphincter hasn't been that tight in a long time (referring to buehrle's no-hitter)
ball hit deep stretch, get up get up stretch, it will you can put in on the board ddddddddddddd... yesss!
"And the white sox have won the world series"
"Here comes the Frisbee...HE GONE!!!" - referring to ex-Sox closer Shingo Takatsu
Watch out!!! (referring to a Sox/or opposing player who might be pegged by a pitch
Ya know, I'm a Cubs fan and I sometimes don't mind listening to the Hawk, but he might get annoying at times. But I'd like to Congratulate him on his award at the March of Dimes hosted by Comcast Sportsnet.
THAT IS TOTAL BS!!!! ----used when a Minnesota player was not called out on the same check swing a White Sox player was called out for.
"After ending a 5 game losing streak last night, the Sox will win their 2nd straight game against the Devil Rays, 6-1 is your final. And now we'll send it to Pat Boyle and Bill Melton to our Comcast Sportsnet studios in downtown Chicago." This was phrase was used tonight (6-26-07) after the Sox won their 2nd staright game.
"That was just a screamin mi mi!"
"Tadahito!!!!! Yes!!!! Dustin Hermanson NAILS IT DOWN"!!!
Aaron...Aaron... YES!
where was that pitch?
take em right here big Jon you don't wanna go full
he has gone out hard to right field, and he has struck out
"If your a latin player you dont get off the island by walking."
suck em up joe!
(Hawk) "When I played with Mickey and Yaz..." (DJ) "I can remember back from my (playing) years in Japan..."
Did I ever tell you I invented batting gloves?
Sox win it 4-3! Yes! And this ball game is over!
100000000000000-0 bad guys. we got some work to do (silence)
Dye looks up you can put it on the board yes Morneau has hit three home runs in a twins route of the hapless former world champion chi sox
Here comes Uncle Charlie - curve ball
Another Matt Abatacola -- broken bat
doggone it!
The pitch... that ball hit way back!!! HE LOOKS UP YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! JIM THOME!!!!!!!! # 500!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE SOX HAVE STAGED A 7-1 DEFECIT IN ROUTE TO WINNING 9-7 ON A WALK-OFF HR BY JIM THOME'S 500!!!!!!! YES!!!!!
When this ball comes down... This games is ova!!!
"I've seen rats bigger than that horse" - Hawk after a camera shot of Thumbelina, the world's smallest horse, making a special appearance at U.S. Cellular Field
Sox lost it 20 to 14 (to the Twins), and Iíve been in baseball a long time, 48 years in professional baseball, Iíve played 900 big league games, I have broadcast over 4,000 games, that might be the worst game I have ever seen in my whole career, and thatís counting Little League, Pony League and high school.
Never seen anything like that in my whole career, as a player coming up from Little League, to D-ball, to C-ball, to A-ball, to Triple-A, to the big leagues, never seen that. Well you still got three guys on the bases, they already called two of them out. Ö This is absolutely B.SÖ..Dadgum right this gameís gonna be played under protest. (6/24/07 vs Cubs Ė after double-play was reversed by the umpires after an interference call).
omg i hate the calls from this guy.... only team to have a ton of games broadcast on in the spring, and i have to listen to this bozo...
He's throwin that Nintendo stuff (when another pitcher is doing well)
And it is _____ birthday...YES!
The Deacon Warren Newsome
The Pope Don Pall
the mayor mean joe grube
Ground ball to Crede, over to Konerko... YES!!!!!! Mark Buehrle, a No HITTER!!!!
There's a "Matt Abbatacola" right there (broken bat hit)
I'm a cheese freak!
I love that duck! hawk says this after the aflac trivia question.
he's got the cat bird seat. when a player has the count in his favor.
you can cancel the post game show...
i love beach balls
He just Ham and Jammed him
I thought this was a site about SportsCenter?
boy he got a cookie there and he juuust missed it
dug gumit
how bout you dj
this ball game is ova
The Sox are about they sorriest group of guys I've seen since the Back Street Boys broke up.
Ozzie looks as nervous as a long tailed cat at a rocking chair convention.
AJ has enough ham in him to feed half of Chicago.
aight, sit back relax and strap it down, white sox baseball is coming up next.
"good guys" "bad guys"
"The Cubs got power but if you want to compare them to the White Sox men to men, the Cubs just can't outslug the White Sox" Before the Cubs hit 4 homeruns in the 4th inning of game 2 at Wrigley Field of 2008.
This guy is harder than a rock.
Batamatacola - after a broken bat.
Sox Win! They Sweep the Cubs. Game 3 at US Cellular Field 2008
I have to say Peter Lobiondo is one of the best ball players I've ever seen. Hands down, you can have your A-Rod, Vlad, and Pujols. But Lobiondo is one of the best first ball fastball hitters I've ever seen and I've seen them all.
It's 1 and 2 that count (instead of saying 1 and 2 the count, or the count is 1 and 2, when referring to the balls and strikes)
That is pure bull!
Dang Namit!
Look at the play by alexei!
He has 7 hits as a pinch-hitter this year of which 5 have stayed in the park...(meaning he has 2 PH home runs.
That's BULL!! You're BULL!!! -after disagreeing with an umpire
Play: Alexi Ramirez ranged to his right diving to get to the ball, and terribly throws the ball to 1st Basemen Nick Swisher which prompts Swisher to merely stretch to get the out at first. Hawk: WHAT A PLAY! WHAT A PLAY BY ALEXI! AND WHAT A STRETCH BY SWISH! AND THIS BALL GAME IS OVAAA! Me: Calm the Fuck down.
and you can put that on the board. 6-nothing bag guys. (total silence as the bases clear)
Said in '08 White Sox commercial: Dye with the catch, Swisher with the Worm, I can't stand it!
And this ball game is over!!!
"I looooove when he goes backdoor." Sexual Innuendo much Hawk?
He looks up, and you can put it on the booooooard, no! And Hunter robbed that one.
"The goes another $63.00 bill!" (said after a maple bat shatters).
The worst broadcaster in baseball. Using we like he is actually a player. Sox fans should be embarrassed to be associated with this bozo. i wish the sox well but his antics make me want them to lose just so he will shut up. God he sucks!
Go Sox go go Sox go hey Chicago what do you say the Sox are gonna win today!!!!
boy thats a hang wiffum
and this ballgame is OVAH!!!!
carl evrett... the burnt cookie
ehhhh, the bad guys tie it, home run, and that will go on the board.
Crede!!.....YES! a no hitter for Mark Buehrle! - right when Joe Crede threw the ball to konerko to lock in Mark Buehrle's no hitter.
ground ball, get through there!! base hit, one run will score and Scotty Pods delivers!--Hawk refers to Scott Podsednik as Scotty Pods.
Here comes the waddling duck.....I LOVE THAT DUCK!!!- Aflac duck
ALEXIE....... YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!! HISTORY!!!!-Buehrle Perfect game 7-23-2009!!!
That ball hit deep! Way back! He looks can put it on the board...YES! A three run homer by Jermaine Dye, and the sox lead it (pause) 6-1! Mercy!
3 minutes ago we were losing by 2 and down to our last strike, and now here we are tied 2-2 in the 9th.
Well, to win 99 games in a season you've gotta have a %$#& good ball club!
Call your sons! Call your daughters! Call your friends! Call your neighbors! Mark Buehrle has a perfect game going into the ninth!
scotty pods - scott podsednik
He's rakin
go tigers
you can put it on the boardddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! yes! yes!
Our 44 year old phenom Omar Vizquel.
And when this ball comes down this ball game will be OVA!!!
The more pitches you see the more dangerous you become.
Another 100 dollar bill just bit the dust.-- When a hitter breaks their bat
Double goose egg; The score is 0-0.
Matt Abattacola, thats actually for a broken bat
"pulled the string on him" - refers to a good curveball.
"on the bump" - slang for the pitcher's mound.
Stay fair. It will! Thank you very much! That will score a pair and just like that the sox lead it 2-0
That ball hit hard and deep! Way back! Hunter just looks up, you can put it on the boooaaaarrd! Yes!
Get foul! It will thank you very much!!
Biiiig hack, no contact and the count very quickly 0 and 2
That ball hit hard. Get on back there! Ichiro jumps, can't get it and you can but it on the boooaaaarrd! Yes! Yes! A three run homer by Jim Thome and the sox lead it 8-4. Mercy!
That ball hit hard, base hit! Here comes swisher, he will score! Now Cabrera's being waved around, here's the throw to the plate, SAFE!!! And the sox win it 6-5. Yes! Mercy!
He goes back, looks up, you can put it on the board. Yes! Hell Yes! A two run bomb by Pauly and the sox lead it 4-1! Mercy!
And the sox lead it 9-7, YES!
Cmon boys...don't stop now
That ball hit high and deep, way back he looks, up you can put it on the boardddddd yeeeaaas, yeeeaaas
Thats a can of corn
theres a hang wiffum
theres a hang wiffum
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